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Practice Tips

Here, Troy Stetina answers the common instructional guitar questions put to him, as well as provides a comprehensive perspective on guitar, music, practice, motivation, and more.

1. The key to success

2. balance vs burnout

3. What sort of practice routine is best?

4. My practice 'rountine'...

5. How much is enough?

6. Should I practice only when Iím inspired?

7. Building speed: The heart of the matter

8. Building speed: Synchronization

9. Performance and stage fright

10. When is pushing the limit OK? When is it not OK?

11. How to avoid tendon problems before they start

12. Healing tendon injury and avoiding re-injury

13. Iíve reached a plateau and donít see any improvement. What can I do?

14. I got Speed Mechanics and it seems way beyond what Iíll ever be capable of. What should I do?

15. Knowing the gap between where my technique level is now, and where I want to be, is discouraging. What can I do?

16. On the issue of talent.

17. My teaching philosophy as reflected in my books.

18. General book advice, and learning lead vs. rhythm.

19. Book advice for beginners

20. Comments on notational systems and reading music -- do you need to learn how to read music?


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