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The most important thing is the quality of the results, of course. The following downloads provide you a small sampling of music produced at Artist Underground. Judge for yourself!

Selected CD releases:

Troy Stetina: Troy Stetina Project EP 2003 (modern hard rock)
Troy Stetina: Exottica (instrumental guitar)
BENT: Eleven (progressive metal)


S.O.R.E.: December (modern metal)
[Single from the debut 'Sore' album.]

Local Demos:

Bakkus: Step Ladder (alternative rock)
Unbecoming You: Closure (modern rock)
Detour: Driving (blues rock)

The demo examples here give a you an idea of the results you can expect at Artist Underground on a limited budget. If you are interested in any of these bands, their music, or upcoming shows, look on the "links" page or email us.

Selected instructional book/CD excerpts:

Total Rock Guitar: Desolation Jam (industrial metal)
Total Rock Guitar: Strummer (alt. college rock)
*Modern Metal, Signature Licks: "Southtown" (P.O.D.)
*Modern Metal, Signature Licks: "Denial" (Sevendust)
*Modern Metal, Signature Licks: "Edgecrusher" (Fear Factory)
*Rage Against the Machine, Signature Licks: "Testify"
*Best of Foo Fighters, Signature Licks: "Monkey Wrench"

*Note: 'Signature Licks' books recreate popular songs minus vocals and with one guitar part isolated on the right channel and all other instruments on the left channel. Other than this altered stereo field, however, the sound is virtually dead-on to the original -- quite an accomplishment when you consider the fact that we are recreating major label quality mixes at a tiny fraction of the time and cost.
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