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Artist Underground audio/video studio is a pro-sound facility located just outside Milwaukee (1 hr from Chicago). Although sometimes occupied with owner Troy Stetina's personal projects, the studio also welcomes bands and artists in a variety of styles including rock, metal, punk, rap, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, blues, jungle, trance, and more -- whether signed or unsigned, a quick demo or high-quality full-length release. We provide a relaxed, no-pressure environment where creative people are free to experiment. We handle projects from tracking to mix to final mastering.

The Gear:

"Artist Underground" uses cutting-edge computer-based recording systems, with total recall mixdown to get exactly what you want. No element is left to chance, all the way down to the room dimensions and wall treatments, which are specially constructed to eliminate coincident harmonics and unwanted reflections for a truer, uncolored sound. Key points include:

  • Up to 128 audio tracks audio with unlimited gating, compression, and EQ.

  • High quality 24 bit converters.

  • Virtually unlimited fx.

  • A variety of monitors and stereo speakers for “real world” mastering—so it sounds good at home, too.

  • CD-R proofs, PMCD replication masters, and CD-R duplication.

  • Real time video production for streaming, CD-ROM, or broadcast.

  • Isolation booths facilitate simultaneous tracking of guitar(s) and/or bass.

  • Low noise mic preamps, high quality mics, and more...

The Staff:

High-end gear (and software) is certainly part of the equation, but by itself it’s no guarantee of success. You have to know how to use it! The most important thing of all is the ears, experience, and work methods of the producer. No single piece of equipment is the "magic" to make your mix sound like major-label recordings. A good mix is the result of top equipment used properly along with a series of good decisions from the initial recording approach and technique, performance, proper editing, and final mixing and mastering.

Executive producer Troy Stetina has been a musician for 20 years and has gained international recognition as a virtuoso guitarist and one of the world’s leading music educators. Former Director of Rock Guitar Studies at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, Troy has recorded 1000s of hours in studios all over the country and brings a musician’s perspective and experience, which gives him unique insights into obtaining and enhancing the best performances. He has produced hundreds of CDs and demos, and worked with musicians such as Don Dokken (with whom he co-produced a project in 1994) and others. Troy brings major-label quality ears and standards to his work.

Enginneer and assistant producer Mike Wenz is a graduate of Madison Media Institute. Mike is also a rave DJ and drummer, and enjoys a wide variety of musical styles from rap, hip-hop, rock and metal, to techno, trance, and house styles.

Film/TV/Label Placement:

Troy Stetina works with selected agencies that place music in film/TV applications as well as with record labels. Call the studio for more information.

Musician and Editing Services:

Troy Stetina is available for arrangement, pre-production, and musician services (guitar, bass, keys). Studio drummers are also available. We routinely build and work with drum loops and grooves to suite any situation. And we do some of the best editing in the business... let our trained ears enhance your performance!


We are expert at final mastering (or 'sweetening') finished mixes, whether they are recorded here or elsewhere. When you leave Artist Underground, you have an exact copy of your final product as it will sound on your demo or released CD.

Our Mission:

In the end, it's all about the music. We know you want it to sound GREAT or you wouldn't be here. We pride ourselves on routinely obtaining high quality, radio-play/label-release results, and we are head & shoulders above any regional budget studio, against which we are in fact competitively priced. We will work with you to create the best possible product, bringing our significant production experience to bear.

To read about some of our work methods in detail, check out the Work Methods and Band Preparation Guide that Troy has prepared. Or click on the 'Sample Work' menu tab at the top of this page to hear some samples for yourself!

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