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Special Packs - Guitar Instruction

The Big Bad-Ass Blues Pack:

The Big Bad Blues Pack features the best-selling "Blues You Can Use" book/CD series, by author John Ganapes, plus "Blues/Rock Guitar Masters" Signature Licks book/CD by Andy Aledort, and the newest Signature Licks DVD done on the all-time master of blues, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Big Bad Blues Pack

  • Blues You Can Use
  • Blues Licks You Can Use
  • More Blues You Can Use
  • Blues/Rock Guitar Masters
  • Stevie Ray Vaugan's Greatest - DVD

Get the baddest Blues methods on the planet!

buy it here$83.23 - Satisfaction guaranteed.

"I went through the first Blues You Can Use method and highly recommend it. John Ganapes has put together a great series. I have also always been a fan of the Signature Licks format for learning any player's style, and Andy Aledort lays it down in "Blues/Rock Masters." I also sat in on the taping for the SRV video and Greg Koch pretty much channels the guy! Seriously, Greg is an amazing player, and of course Stevie Ray Vaughan is... well, the master. What can I say? This pack is awesome!" -- Troy Stetina.
View other items to augment this pack: Troy Stetina methods; other recommended books.

Musicians Institute Pack:

The Musicians Institute Guitar Pack contains the essential guitar courses from MI Press. The Musicians Institute (G.I.T.), in Hollywood, CA, has gained a reputation for their comprehensive, contemporary guitar education cirriculum. Now you can check out their materials yourself, without dropping $5,000 on tuition!

MI Pack

  • Guitar Basics - Essential Chords, Scales, Rhythms and Theory
  • Guitar Soloing - A Contemporary Guide to Improvisation
  • Music Reading For Guitar
  • Rhythm Guitar - The Complete Guide
  • Rock Lead Basics
  • Guitar Lick-tionary

buy it here $90.42 - Satisfaction guaranteed.

"I edited a number of these books for Hal Leonard when MI Press first went to publication. The books are very good, and laid out with a nice gradual pacing. Stylistically, the basic rhythm guitar method is slanted toward jazz/contemporary, blues/jazz and Latin music, and it gives a good overall understanding of the more complex harmonies used in those styles (9th, 11th, 13th chords, etc.). If you want to brush up on sight-reading, it's a slam dunk -- MI's Music Reading for Guitar is one of the best. The rock books have solid material for entry to intermediate level players, and authors Gill and Nolan are no slouches. For straight up metal, hard rock, or high-end shred, I'd recommend my own series, but on the other hand if you want a broader stylistic experience and general competency in contemporary styles, these MI Press books are the best way to get it." --Troy Stetina
View other items to augment this pack: Troy Stetina methods; other recommended books.

Guitar Legends Pack:

The Guitar Legends Pack features in depth Signature Licks exposes on the guitar stylings of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Randy Rhoads, and Zakk Wilde, as well as a note-for-note anthology of the greatest hits of Eddie Van Halen. Also, Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends gives you detailed insight into how they got their amazing tone.

Guitar Legends Pack

  • Jimi Hendrix - Signature Licks Book/CD
  • Best of Stevie Ray Vaughan - Sig Lick DVD
  • Best of Eric Clapton - Sig Licks Book/CD
  • Very Best of Ozzy Osbourne - Sig Licks Book/CD
  • Best of Van Halen Vol 1 - Book
  • Gear Secrets of the Guitar Legends - Book

buy it here $117.50 - Satisfaction guaranteed.

"Guitar methods along aren't enough. You've gotta be learning a lot of music. If you really want a great knowledge base of licks and a firm grasp of guitar, you've gotta learn from the masters. This pack should be required material for every serious player! Hendrix, Clapton, Eddie, Rhoads, SRV... 'nuf said. I only wish there was a Sig Licks book/CD for Eddie. Instead, you'll have to settle for note-for-note tab transcriptions of 17 of his wickest tunes. (Somehow, I think you'll manage.) This pack rocks!" --Troy Stetina
View other items to augment this pack: Troy Stetina methods; other recommended books.

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