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Guitar and practice amp reviews are here.

Guitar books and methods:

Blues You Can Use book/CD:
This book rocks. Lots of music. You can pretty much jump right in and start playing. It is similar in structure to my Total Rock Guitar method, insofar as it has a lesson followed by a song/solo and the music basically IS the method. The pacing is good at the start. Later, it gets a bit less organized, and I noticed some of the later lessons don't have too much to do with the song/solo that they accompany. But I'm nitpicking. Overall, it is a very good and usable method. The most accessible blues method I've seen, in fact. It's appropriate for an 'advanced beginner' -- a player who is basically a novice when it comes to lead playing, but has some experience -- to intermediate players may have some facility with soloing, but wants to broaden their blues repetoire. Also, the series includes the sequel More Blues You Can Use, the supplement Blues Licks You Can Use, and a reference book Blues You Can Use - Book of Guitar Chords. Author John Ganapes has done a great job here. (Three are included in this Blues Pack.)

Best of Joe Satriani Signature Licks book/CD:
If you are into a challenge, and love guitar music, this is a 'must-have'. Author Dale Turner did a great job laying out all Satch's best highlights here. I know this because I went through it in painstaking detail -- I played the solos for the audio CD, due to Dale having a recurring wrist injury. Of course I always liked Satch, but the more I learned of his stuff in detail, the greater my esteem for him became. This was among the most difficult recordings I have ever done. Anyway, suffice it to say there's a reason Satriani became a legend! Check it out... This book will make you a better lead player.

Stevie Ray Vaughan DVDs by Greg Koch:
Stevie Ray Vaughan was an awesome player. And Greg Koch totally nails his style and nuance in these two DVDs. As you may know, Greg is an artist in his own right, with an album on Vai's Favored Nations label. So his chops are right there, without a doubt. As well, Greg's unique performing personality also adds a significant flair to these videos that shouldn't be overlooked. If you're into the blues at all, these should be in your DVD player right now. Be aware, however that the notation does not appear in these DVDs, so if you are beginner so may have trouble picking up the licks from the DVD. In that case, I would recommend the Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Licks book/CDs. (These DVDs are also featured in the Blues Pack and the Guitar Legends Pack.)

Special Packages:

Troy has handpicked a number of the best instructional products for these Special Packs, in various styles. Check 'em out! Also, you'll find specially discounted packages of Troy's own methods in these Rock and Metal Packs.

Guitar Instructional Series Information:

Guitar Recorded Versions note-for-note TAB/transcriptions
Play It Like It Is note-for-note TAB/transcriptions
Signature Licks TAB/transcriptions with CD and instructional notes
Riff by Riff selected artist's main riffs
EZ Recorded Versions simplified transcriptions
Easy Guitar REALLY simplified transcriptions
Piano, Guitar, Vocal standard sheet music
MI Press from Musician's Institute & G.I.T. courses, Hollywood, CA
Berklee Press from Berklee School of Music instructors, Boston, MA
Hal Leonard Guitar Method Basic guitar, non style specific

View all Stylistic Guitar methods (rock, metal, country, jazz, blues, etc.).

Sheet Music, Music Books, Methods, Scores, Choral, Vocal, Band, Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz, and more. has the widest selection of the world's best instructional methods, plus virtually every guitar tab book in print -- all at deeply discounted pricing!

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