Teaching Philosophy

"If I had to say it in one line, my philosophy basically boils down to this: In the end, all that really matters is the sound and attitude that comes out of your speaker cabinet. Getting control over this as fast as possible is what my series is all about.

I created the Troy Stetina Series to offer an in-depth system for learning and mastering rock and metal guitar. These methods cover the entire range of playing from the beginning up to the most advanced concepts and techniques. They cover relevant music theory, songwriting, and ultimately even developing a personal style.

My goal has always been to take people right up to a professional level of playing -- the real thing -- and to go directly to it, without a lot of extraneous and unnecessary stuff. My theory has always been that if you hone right in on just the things that you need to accomplish, youíll get there faster. So I've packed the books with just what's truly relevant and omitted that which is not.As a result, my methods tend to be somewhat fast-paced and ambitious. But in my experience, most people out there don't want to be coddled. You're saying, "Donít hold back...Show me what I need to do, and Iíll handle it!" Well, I haven't held back... these books are packed tight with the most efficient, most far-reaching practice and learning methods devised.

The main themes I try to incorporate within the books themselves are variety, balance, and inspiration. That's why I put a full song at the end of each chapter of Metal Rhythm Guitar and a full solo at the end of each chapter of Metal Lead Guitar. After you learn about something and practice some exercises, you can see it at work in real situations -- in real music. And it helps if the music rocks! But I'm not just teaching you a bunch of songs and solos. And I'm not just teaching you a bunch of music theory. I'm integrating both of these things together. When you learn a concept and immediately see it attached to something you can grab hold of and understand, the idea ceases to be abstract. It becomes very concrete and practical. That's what these books accomplish.

If this is something that interests you, I encourage you to browse through the book summaries and soundclips. These methods can speed up your progress and guide you along the right path. And they offer a detailed roadmap to mastery which you can follow a little, a lot, or all the way!

The bottom line is about making music. Whether your musical vision requires just a little knowledge and technique or a lot, these methods are at your disposal should you choose to avail yourself of them.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your playing!

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