How to avoid tendon problems before they start

Most tendon problems arise because of bad practice approaches or habits. With a little foresight, most of these problems can be avoided before they start. Obviously, guitarists striving for "shredder-type" technique will be spending many hours practicing, which translates into a greater chance of injury. So those of us with speed on our mind, therefore, will have to be extra careful about our hands, fingers, tendons, and nerves. And of course, some of us are simply more prone to injury than others, due to health and/or genetic factors. But in any case, here are some basic guidelines for avoiding damage.

Bottom Line:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. First, warm up to difficult or fast practice. Second, donít overdo it in any one session. Third, fast or difficult phrases should, ideally, be played without extra effort or tension. And fourth, if it hurts, stop.

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