Signature Licks (Hal Leonard)

Guitar Signature Licks is an interesting series that blurs the line between instructional and transcription/tab books. Each one takes a well known artist and excerpts a number of their best musical moments and trademark licks. Includes an analysis of each excerpt, note-for-note transcription, and performance on the audio CD with the featured guitar part isolated on one side (right stereo channel) and the backing instruments on the other, so that you can hear any relative mix of the two with your stereo's balance control. The featured guitar parts are also then played at slow speed, without the band.

Signature Licks books are a good way to get an informed "snapshot" of a particular guitarist's or band's style, as well as an effective learning tool to hone your playing skills and learn difficult stuff. I have edited a number of them and authored several as well (Black Sabbath, RATM, Foo Fighters, Modern Metal, Deep Purple), so I know the format well and highly recommend it.

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