Riff by Riff (Cherry Lane)

Riff by Riff is a Cherry Lane transcription/Tab series which features an exhaustive collection of riff excepts by a particular artist. Virtually every riff of every song by that artist (up to publication date) is included.

This is somewhat similar to Hal Leonard's Signature Licks approach, as it strives to give you a bunch of that band's trademark riffs in a condensed format. But it is a little different. Sig Licks includes an audio CD, Riff by Riff does not. And Sig Licks draws longer examples and fewer of them (maybe 24 examples from a dozen plus songs). Riff by Riff presents much smaller snippets -- two or four measures only -- but includes more examples. Signature Licks also tends to be a bit more lead/solo oriented, whereas Riff by Riff books concentrate on the rhythm riffs.

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Or, to find Riff by Riff of a particular artist, enter the name and 'Riff-by-Riff' in the 'ModRock Search' field (found in the header of the previous page), and hit go.

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