Play It Like It Is (Cherry Lane)

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Series Summary:

The Play It Like It Is series is Cherry Lane's version of GRV (that is, Hal Leonard's Guitar Recorded Versions transcription series). They are supposed to be note-for-note transcription/Tab books which strive for utmost accuracy and notate all guitar parts and solos. They are book-only format... no audio. As with the GRV series, some of the older books tend to be less accurate, but the more recent stuff is pretty good.

Cherry Lane has it's own type of staff/tab notational system which looks slightly different than the Hal Leonard system. Bends, pull-offs, that sort of thing are shown differently. But it's not a huge difference. BTW, the reason some artists show up on Hal Leonard's lineup and others with Cherry Lane simply comes down to which company negotiates the publishing rights. Some band's are "hooked up" with uncle Hal, some with Cherry Lane, and still others are published by Warner Bros/CPP Belwin.

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