MI Press (Musician's Institute, G.I.T.)

MI Press is basically the published ciriculum of Musician's Institute (G.I.T., B.I.T., and P.I.T.), in Hollywood, CA. In 1997 and 1998, I had the opportunity to edit a number of the MI Press books as Hal Leonard formulated them for publication from the various course materials. I was quite impressed with the caliber and scope. The instructors know their stuff and have arranged it very well.

The core Rhythm Guitar method leans strongly toward jazz, covering extended chords heavily. There are also a number of rock-specific books that do a good job and the authors/players are top notch. Taken as a whole, my impression is that the MI Press books cover a wide range of contemporary guitar styles very well.

However, this stuff is intended more for the intermediate to advanced player. You won't find much beginner support here.

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