Guitar Recorded Versions (Hal Leonard)

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Series Summary:

Guitar Recorded Versions (GRV)is Hal Leonard's note-for-note guitar transcription/tab series. In the early to mid 1980s, transcriptions were pretty lousy and inaccurate in general. But fortunately, these days the transcribers are quite good. In fact, they often notate probably more detail than anyone in their right mind would even want... like the exact pitches of harmonic squealing feedback and other cool things that happen by accident, and which the original artist probably could not reproduce exactly in any given performance.

Still, I often find that when going over a GRV transcription with a fine tooth comb (adapting them into a Sig Licks book or a Troy Stetina Guitar Lessons book, for example) that I wind up correcting various inaccuracies. So don't take these transcriptions as gospel. I always encourage people to go with their own ear, if you hear it differently. But on the other hand, my disagreements with some GRV transcriptions are sometimes due to the fact that I'm coming from more of an instructional perspective, so I tend to notate things as the artist INTENDED to play it and round off any mistakes or rushing/dragging the tempo. GRV transcriptions are primarily concerned with transferring every sound onto paper, regardless of how impossible it is the decipher and perform. When all those little "accidental" sounds wind up on the page, it sometimes makes things look a bit more intimidating than they really are. The bottom line, though, is that the transcriptions these days are by and large very good, by and large.

GRV books are books only, with no audio. The transcriptions are written in full staff/tab notation, and include all guitar parts as well as the vocal part (on its own staff). If you are having trouble deciphering your favorite GRV trancription, you might find it beneficial to work with a Signature Licks book first. They use the same notation but include an audio CD with the excerpts performed at full speed (with backing band) and at half speed. This can help you get use to transforming the notation into actual performance. Then take a whack at your full GRV transcription again.

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