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Troy Stetina® Guitar Masterclass

The Troy Stetina Masterclass features his own rippin' arrangement of Beethoven's 23rd Piano Sonata, arranged for electric guitar, bass and drums! Take a quick listen: hi-fi mp3 (full piece)  lo-fi mp3 (0:00-1:16). [Here is the original piece (piano) for the curious.]

Far more than just learning a cool piece of music, you'll improve your technique, speed and accuracy, plus learn the theory behind the music of Beethoven -- undisputed Master Composer. Geared for any shred-minded guitarist of intermediate level or higher. No music reading required.

Troy breaks the piece into 7 lesson downloads, each of which include:

  • Tab/transcription of a bite-size section (with picking and fingering)
  • Study notes and practice tips
  • Background theory, scales, tonality... whatever is relevant
  • Audio of each phrase played slowly and at a moderate tempo
  • Native music notation/midi file that allows you to adjust tempo and play to suit!
To get your Beethoven Masterclass lessons click the links below.

Troy Stetina Masterclass

Check out the first portion of Lesson 1 for free!
Then click the links below to buy the Masterclass Downloads:

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7

"Thanks for the Masterclass lesson. It's such akickass piece I forgot it was a sweeping, legato, andalternate picking workout!! Also, your analysis isgreat! I can't wait for the next lesson." --Patrick Bollig,
"When people ask me how I developed my technique, this is it -- learning and perfecting works by the classical masters. This will hammer out your technique like nothing else! And while Bach and Paganini are cool, Beethoven is THE MAN! He's my favorite composer, hands down." --Troy Stetina

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