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Book and Guitar Questions:
If you have a question about Troy's books, using the books, or are looking for specific practice advice, firstcheck out Practice Tips and the Troy Stetina Series F.A.Q. Troy has written and posted a large amount of detailed answers to many of the common concerns of guitarists.If you have a question that is not addressed there, please search the message board forum, or post your question there. Many capable guitarists frequent the Forums and will respond to you. In addition, Troy checks the board and responds from time to time.

Personal Emails:
If you still need to ask a question of Troy personally, or if you just want to pass on your own experience or views to him, email him at He tries to answer all his email, but he's pretty busy and sometimes there's a lot of email. So please be understanding.

To contact the Artist Underground recording studio about scheduling time, email

Guitar Workshops or Clinics:
Email Troy at

To contact us about site problems, broken links, or exchanging music links with other sites, email

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