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Official website for Troy Stetina, guitarist and instructional author for Hal Leonard Corp, with over a million rock/metal guitar methods sold! facebook.gifyoutube.gif

The Troy Stetina® Series:
"Best Rock and Metal Guitar Instruction on the Planet!"

For Beginning Guitarists:


Check out Troy's latest instrumental shred song "Kaleidoscope" with drummer Chris Moore. The song appears as the challenge piece at the end of the new book/DVD Speed Mechanics for Drums! Kaleidoscope - instrumental shred guitar

For intermediate and advanced guitarists: Troy Stetina "Sound and Story" DVD
A roadmap to becoming the musician you've always wanted to be! Hundreds of insights, lessons, interviews, compositional tools, plus music and guest lessons with Mark Tremonti, Michael Angelo Batio and others. Troy's best work to date! Over three and a half hours of guitar wisdom! Read review at ShredKnowledge. View promo trailer below:

Second Soul - Beyond the Infinite - Music CD featuring Troy StetinaTroy's SECOND SOUL debut music CD is here! Get the physical CD or download it from iTunes, Amazon, or other major music download retailers. See the music review here. Stream some of the tunes below.

Selected book/CD guitar lessons:

Fretboard Mastery - Guitar Book/CD Fretboard Mastery is Troy's full system for learning the guitar neck inside and out. Ear training, theory, scales, chords, melody, soloing and more. This advanced work is the long-awaited sequel to Speed Mechanics!

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar is a classic. It has become the guitar technique 'Bible' for shredders and aspiring players the world over who want to dominate on the guitar. Take your playing to a new level!

Metal Lead Guitar Vol 1 The Metal Lead Guitar and Metal Rhythm Guitar methods are the core of the Troy Stetina Series, and take you from beginner to a truly pro level. They rock. No BS! Troy's teaching philosophy.

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Check out all Troy's instructional methods >>


The new Troy Stetina Signature Series Guitar is here! Ultimate tone, clarity, precision and shrediliousness:

Custom order your Troy Stetina Signature Guitar at!

Free Guitar Lesson Magazine Sign Up Get immediate free access to Troy Stetina's Digital Guitar Lesson Magazine!

FREE GUITAR LESSONS from the World's Top Players and Teachers! Sign up below!!

Lessons by top players and teachers including Mark TREMONTI, Michael Angelo BATIO, Troy STETINA, Jamie ANDREAS, Dale TURNER and more! It's badass.

Multiple Book/CD/DVD Instruction Packages:
Starter Packs: Rather be on stage?
Learn it right, from the beginning, with the Metal or Rock Starter Packs. Everything you need, satisfaction guaranteed! Packs >>
Intermediate Pack: Master soloing now!
The Killer Lead Pack offers a detailed roadmap to lead guitar mastery that will transform your playing! Guaranteed. Packs >>
Full Metal Systems: From start to finish!
Nuts about guitar? Want it all?! Check out the Full Metal Pack and Monster Mega-Pack, and get a healthy discount! Satisfaction guaranteed. Packs >>
"Invest in Yourself!
Knowledge Lasts a Lifetime!!!"
Other Packs: Into other styles, too?
Check out the Badass Blues Pack, the Musician's Institute core courses, or try Guitar Legends Pack to broaden your knowledge base.
Artist Tab Books: Learn your favorites!
Get the world's most accurate note-for-note Tab books to learn your favorite songs and solos right!
Online Lessons & Help: Play better!
If you're up for a challenge, try the Stetina Masterclass online series. Or, if it's free lessons you want, try the Articles section. Also, plenty of expert advice is available in the Practice Tips area, as well as the guitarist's Forum.

Sheet Music, Music Books, Methods, Scores, Choral, Vocal, Band, Orchestra, Ensemble, Jazz, and more. has the widest selection of the world's best instructional methods, plus virtually every guitar tab book in print -- all at discounted pricing!

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